Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jesus Culture Worship

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey Christian! Put that Bible Down!

Hey you! Yes, you! Mr. Bible Thumping Man, put that book down and listen up!

I have something to say!

 You know...people pick and choose parts of the Bible to take literally. They go through passages and cling to some and discard the rest--they can be very quick to say--This is Old Testament, we aren't under this rule--or "this is an analogy, a metaphor or a parable."

It's really important to understand the difference when reading the Bible...otherwise we'd have a lot of people plucking out their eyes while refusing to wear two different types of fabric.

 The Bible is twisted through cultural experiences and customs, and though it is the most powerful book with the most incredible, life-saving message--

 In the wrong hands--it is deadly.

 Personally--I think some people need to put the Bible down, stop going to church and clear their heads of all the craziness they were filled with.

 They need to detoxify their hearts, spirits and minds and seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

They need to commune spirit to spirit and not spirit to religion to twisted man's interpretation of Scripture.

 They need to realize that they were given the concepts of logic and reasoning for a purpose and we aren't supposed to throw those away for the sake of "religion."

 People need to get back to common sense and basics.

 Sometimes shutting off religious voices is the only way to hear God.

So put that Bible down, stop listening to everyone telling you how to "Get God" and get real.

I promise.

Once you find who you are again, you can pick it back up.

I mean-- you don't want to end up like these folks do you?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I would be an atheist – if I didn’t have faith

I’ve thought about this greatly, and realized that I could and would be an atheist – if I didn’t have faith.

 That may sound a bit absurd, I know. Let me explain.

 I can understand the atheist’s position. I think in a sense, there is something almost comforting in denying God’s existence, the supernatural experience and saying that life is simply a result of scientific principles and that we are here today, gone tomorrow and that is it. When the body dies, everything pertaining to life also ceases to exist, slips into oblivion then the circle of life springs new and the cycle continues.

 I can see it. I can almost understand it. And I can see how in a sense, this is comforting. The problem is, I have too much faith to believe it.

When I walk outside under a vast expanse of star and sky, and I look around at hundred-year old trees that have stood through more than I can ever imagine and have bore witness to countless lives that have passed through this journey – when I look at the magnificence of biology on display—a pair of butterflies fluttering in my backyard and see how perfect this life experience is—I have faith.

 I cannot look outside of myself, see this majestic creation, and not have faith.

 I could almost be an atheist – if it weren’t for NASA exposing the unfolding universe that continues to expand, breathing, living and creating.

 I cannot believe that this life has come from nothing without a cause or purpose. I cannot exchange the revelation of God for a lie – or denial of His existence – because in all reality – denying truth is also a lie.

 I could never be an atheist. No matter how comforting it might be to think this is all there is and you are either lucky to have heaven on earth or were one of the miserable, misfortunates to live a life of depravity, torture, famine or poverty.

 Yes, life can be cruel. Life can be unfair. Sometimes evil things happen to good, innocent people. But that doesn’t make me doubt the existence or intentions of God.

In fact, it furthers my belief and faith that there truly is a spiritual battle going on and we are caught as players on this master game of good and evil. I would be an atheist – but I can’t.

Faith won’t let me.